ALF Bombs Meat Trucks in String of Attacks

THE Animal Liberation Front has bombed a fleet of meat trucks and carried out a string of other attacks around the world.

Its underground cells raided premises in Spain, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

In Spain, activists blew up ten trucks owned by a meat business in Asturias, Oviedo.

In Germany, ALF activists entered and severely damaged private property to free domestic pigeons from their sheds.

In Sweden activists carried smashed and knocked down wooden hunting towers in remote Örebro.

In the Netherlands an ALF team wearing balaclavas broke into a chicken farm and stole 26 chickens.

In the Czech Republic an ALF cell entered a farm in East Bohemia at night and stole ten hens.

Following the bombing in Spain an ALF spokesperson said: “Our objective is to cause as much damage as possible to those who profit from the enslavement of others.

“We hope they feel on their own skin the insecurity that our non-human comrades feel from the first day they are born until they are murdered.

“We hope that the necessity to seep with an eye open on fear of all he vehicle fleet burning down will make them stop with their lucrative business.

“The press has kept quiet about it, but this isn’t the first time they try to cover up the different actions against business that benefit from animal use.”

The ALF is a leaderless group founded in 1976 in the UK by Ronnie Lee, now aged 66, who still describes himself as an animal rights activist.

Throughput his infamous career Lee has spent nearly eight years in jail for animal-rights-related offenses.

The ALF is made up of active criminal cells in 40 countries.

It was named as a terrorist threat by the US Department of Homeland Security in January 2005.

It says its main aim is to liberate animals from what it calls places of abuse  such as laboratories, factory farms, fur farms, zoos aquariums and circuses.

It advocates “direct action”—a euphemism for criminal violence and destruction of property.

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