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Activist Convicted after Protest Leaves Children Badly Hurt

It’s all fun and games–until animal rights activists show up.

Children in Germany were trampled by fun fair ponies when protesting activists caused the animals to bolt. Two children suffered serious bruising and elbow injuries after the protest spooked the animals. One man has now been convicted and sentenced to one year of probation after the incident.

Last April three masked man burst into the pony-riding attraction at a large funfare in Hamburg, shouting and waving at animals while they were entertaining children.

But the horses bolted and the children identified only as six-year-old Hanna and 10-year-old Nekla suffered injuries described in a court as “head bruising, a spine cord fracture, elbow injuries and hip grazing.”

Police later managed to identify Finn Ole, 23, and he was ordered to pay a €2,000 fine in addition to his sentence.

The judge remarked: “Such a dangerous act cannot be excused.”

After seriously injuring children, Ole wrote a letter to the families of the children in which he apologised and asked for their forgiveness.

But a 6-year-old victim, Hanna, told her father she didn’t want to see the man ever again.

She said:  “I almost needed a wheelchair because of him.”

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