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Activists are “Vandals,” Claims Councilor

A town councilor has branded animal rights activists “vandals” for defacing buildings with propaganda posters.


Angry councilor Clive Davies said the posters in Cardigan in Wales, UK, were an act of vandalism.


He said: “I’m happy to see people making their voice and opinions heard but not by defacing public property, especially when we’ve made so much effort and are continuing to make efforts to improve our townscape with new signage, new bins and trying to sort out the pigeon and pavement issues. It’s just vandalism.”


Activists from the Animal Aid charity plastered bus stops, street signs and tourist maps in the town with their own posters.


Its website says it campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse—including the consumption of animals as food and their use for medical research – and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.


But locals were furious they couldn’t read bus timetables and street signs.


Animal Aid said it apologized for defacing public property and suggested a rogue element had been responsible.


An Animal Aid spokesman said: “I would just like to reassure you that we actively ask people not to use any of our campaigning materials in this way, and explicitly say on the order page of our website ‘Please ensure that all resources are distributed responsibly and are not used to litter an area or deface property.’”

“Unfortunately it can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly who used the materials in this way. However, we do of course take such incidents very seriously, and will make sure if we have any resource orders from this area that those distributing them are reminded to use anything sent from us responsibly otherwise we will not be able to continue sending them materials.”

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