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“Activists Targeted My Six-Month-Old Son”

A radio host has told how activists targeted his son online. Australian DJ Oliver Peterson said he was subjected to “vile” abuse after doing a show about animal rights.

The host of the Perth radio show 6PR said the abuse happened after a program about the Australian Farms map—a website set up by activists giving the address of every farm in Australia.

According to Peterson, the activists “cherry-picked” parts of the show in which he defended hard-working farmers. 

He said: “There have been some comments made on my personal Instagram account, on photographs of my six-month-old son Edward, labelling me a pedophile and labelling me a murderer.”  

Some activists turned up outside his radio office to complain about the show.

He told them: “Stop with your stunts, stop with your harassment, stop with your intimidation and stop with your bullying. This is vile, it has to stop.”

Peterson said he stood up to the bullying because he spoke out in support of hardworking families.

The Sheep Collective, a collection of farmers, truck drivers, vets and industry representatives, came out in defense of Mr Peterson.

One post said on Facebook: “There’s no excuse for abusive, defamatory, indecent, harassing, offensive, bullying and trolling behavior. We’re incredibly sorry this has happened to Oliver Peterson.”

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