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Activists Want Horse-Drawn Carriages Replaced with Electric Cars

ACTIVISTS have demanded a horse-drawn carriage tourist attraction that dates back to 1733 is scrapped and replaced with electric cars.

Protestors in Savannah, Georgia, claimed the rides are cruel to horses and demanded the change. But the protest group Savannah Animal Advocacy was condemned by local businesses who said the move could devastate the tourist trade. 

The much-loved local traditional horse drawn carriage rides have been part of life in the city since it was founded in 1733.

Cara Marshall is the owner of Carriage Tours of Savannah, said: “They can have conversations with our veterinarian and get real factual information about what our animals are capable of and what we ask them to do.

“Maybe we can have you come visit the horses and see what their life is like and how much we really love them.”

One protester, Julie Wein, said: “We need other opportunities for other growth here… there are electric cars, there are other cities that have done this.”

Another activist, Ruth Arnone, added: “We believe that it is inhumane to use animals at all for our own personal pleasure and profit.”


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