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Butchers Vandalized

VEGANS vandalized a butcher’s shop in broad daylight. The brazen attack happened in Brisbane, Australia. Shop owner Josh Long said the culprits were vandals and not activists.

He said: “People have opinions and they’re entitled to it, but it’s still vandalism whether it’s activism or not. I understand what they’re saying but they should have just come talk to us and we could have explained we use RSPCA-approved meat.”

Regional councilor Adrian Raedel slammed the stunt on Facebook, and asked for help track down those responsible.

He wrote: “This is not ok. If you want to get your message out there then rent a shop, put up legitimate signage and I’ll defend your right to say it! BUT if you destroy somebody else’s property and affect our local businesses through vandalism or graffiti and degrade our streetscape — then that’s NOT OK!”

Social media users backed him.

One person said: “I’m a vegetarian yet I can’t see what good this does anyone or anything?! This is just vandalism.”

Another added: “In response to this criminal act and ideologically inspired attack on a legitimate business I’m going by make a concerted effort to eat MORE meat, and I’ll take a drive and buy it from this butcher.”

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