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Canada Goose not Cooked

PROFITS at luxury parka outfitters Canada Goose have soared despite a relentless campaign by activists to shut it down. Its share value soared nearly 20 percent according to financial reports.

The company’s stronger than expected earnings came as it announced plans to open three new stores in North America.

Canada Goose uses fur trim on many of its coats and has been the target of a sustained campaign of high-profile protests by anti-fur activists.

But they appear to have had no impact with the company reporting a fourth-quarter profit of $8.1 million.

Revenue for the quarter ended March 31 totaled $124.8 million, up from $51.1 million in the same quarter a year earlier.

Animal rights activists had reacted with glee in 2017 when the company’s flagship UK store in Regent Street was ram-raided by a moped gang after months of protests.

Campaigners who are angry at the retailer’s use of coyote fur, said it was “karma” that the store was looted by a smash and grab gang and that the brand “deserved it.”

The raid came after a relentless campaign of daily protests outside the store largely lead by PETA—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

One person, tweeting under the name @231Tally, said at the time she was “happy about the window smash.”

In a further post, she wrote: “LOOOOOL apparently Canada Goose had their London store window smashed in and stock stolen last night #Karma.”

Connor Anderson, on Twitter as @C_Anderson1988, said: “Canada Goose store ram-raided last night, tons of stuff stole. Take that, f*******!”

Canada Goose has hit back at PETA’s claims in the past. It said: “PETA and other animal activists are grossly misinformed about our animal welfare practices.

“Canada Goose remains deeply committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all animal materials in our products. While we respect their opinion and right to protest we are appalled by their extreme, inexcusable behaviour and unsurprised by their attempt to capitalise on media attention tied to the opening of our store in London.”

The London store is the first to open in the UK and is its largest in Europe.

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