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Dairy Farmers Snub Campaigners

DAIRY farmers in Denmark have flatly refused an offer of nearly £6,000 to let animal rights campaigners film the production of milk, butter and cheese.

The country’s farmers, who supply dairy products for the firm behind top UK brands Anchor and Lurpak, have not accepted the cash incentive to let cameras in to record how cows and calves are treated every day.

The animal rights group Anima claims filming would reveal practices common in the UK and Denmark, such as how the young are taken away from their mothers within hours of being born, causing distress to both.

It’s believed about nine in 10 Danish farmers work for Arla Foods, one of the UK’s biggest dairy firms which owns the Lurpak and Anchor brands.

Anima took out full-page adverts in 11 national newspapers offering 50,000 Danish Kroner (£5,900) to any farmer who allows filming. A hotline was also set up for farmers.

But it is understood farmers fear the film would be edited to misrepresent what happens on their farms.

An Arla spokesperson said: “Arla is a farmer-owned cooperative, and our farmers make and share their own videos explaining on-farm practice to Arla customers. Educating the public on how dairy farming works is a high priority for our farmer owners.”

“Many open their farms to the public on Open Farm Sunday, and we arrange school visits to both farms and our production sites across the year to enable the public to see for themselves how milk is made.”

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