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The Freedom Correspondent: Hall of Shame

I find animal rights activists to be quite entertaining.


They are the first ones to throw hand-made bombs, intimidate and use harassment and violence on other people for doing what they consider to be animal cruelty.


Yet when one turns the tables and looks at what animal activists say and do all one can respond with is “Can you say hypocrisy?”


Let me give you a few good examples. About a year ago I was covering a story about a youth program for under-privileged kids in Oakland, California which centered around getting troubled kids involved in caring for horses and cattle in order to keep them out of trouble.


The program was called WildCat Canyon Youth Program and was put on by a couple of Cowboys from the Black Cowboys Association.


The Cowboys started to teach kids how to ride horses which led to them participate in local junior rodeo events. As a result, a tremendous amount of street kids stopped doing drugs and taking part in street gangs.


A great success story you would say? Not to PETA…


It didn’t take animal rights activists long to find out that the kids were using steers to rope and ride. So, two of the PETA members went out the steers to talk about animal cruelty wearing leather shoes, leather belts and carrying a leather purse.


Some call it hypocrisy, some choose to remain silent…But that’s just one example out of many…


Now let’s look at the other case. Most of you would have heard about a self-proclaimed vegan TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres who apparently didn’t let her love for all animals stop her from launching a footwear line that included leather boots priced up to $250?


Money over morals you would say? Perhaps you are right.


To make things even worse, a popular magazine Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) has just announced that Ms. Degeneres is also launching a menswear line in collaboration with Kanye West who is widely known for his love for fur.


Before I go any further, let’s be clear. I have nothing against people who are compassionate to animals. In fact, I encourage it myself. But my tolerance runs out when animal rights activists start treating veganism as a “social justice movement” — at least until they’re caught cheating.


Think of Sarma Melngailis. The former owner of vegan-food mecca Pure Food and Wine, who also happens to be a big fan of cheese-filled Domino’s pizza.


Just to remind you, Melngailis former restaurant was holy ground to those who not only excluded meat and fish from their diets, but also heavily opposed “animal-derived products” such as dairy and even honey.


At this point you must agree with me that phoniness bleeds through every pore of the vegan scene… But the truth is—nowadays it’s pretty much impossible to be 100% vegan.


People can’t function without relying on some sort of animal products.


Forget just giving up meat, dairy, honey and leather items — most car tires are made with animal fat.


So are everyday items such as paint, candles, soap, plastic bags and even computers. Even money is not vegan.


No, that isn’t crazy, it’s just common sense — which, along with compassion, is often what animal rights activists are missing.

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