Animal Rights Activism

Hard-boiled Boss Defies Egg Protest

Animal rights activists have targeted a PR company for representing food companies who use eggs.

Five fanatics from The Humane League spent an hour outside Spider PR office in London, UK, booing staff.

But defiant PR bosses refused to back down to the intimidation.

Sara Pearson, the CEO of Spider said: “Luckily, we live in a democracy where people have the right to express their opinions and we respect that the Humane League has a point of view. Equally, as a business we should be free to represent clients which operate entirely within the law and with high ethical standards.”

Protestors targeted the company because it represents Noble Foods, Big & Fresh and Gü desserts.

In response, Katrina Dixon, corporate campaigns coordinator at The Humane League, said: “Spider claims that ‘as practitioners of PR we have a duty to try and manage responsible outcomes’ and that its duties involve protecting Noble Foods’ reputation. Surely, this should also mean advising their clients to take action rather than trying to sweep issues under the carpet.”

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