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Hunt sabs foiled

MUSEUM bosses have defied hunt saboteurs and gone ahead with a game dinner. 

Organisers of the the “Taste of Game” event, organised by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, refused to cancel the event despite provocation from the hunt sabs.

The meal of rabbit, venison and wild board was due be held in the grand gallery of Derby Museum in the UK but was moved to a different part of the museum to avoid confrontation.

Derby Hunt Saboteurs had demanded the museum cancel the dinner with a petition of 800 signatures. 

The group had also planned a protest.

A spokesman at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation applauded the museum for standing up to the sabs.

In a statement he said: “We are sure that right-minded people in Derbyshire would be appalled that a small number of extremists can use social media as a weapon to target legitimate businesses in their area.

“The menu includes rabbit, venison and wild boar. 

“The food has all been sourced ethically and sustainably and, quite frankly, is as healthy and as close to nature as it is possible to get. 

“We applaud the museum for standing strong.”  

In a statement, Derby Museums said: “We understand the strength of feeling in relation to this event, however we believe it is important to honour the private booking with our client, whilst allowing a peaceful protest to take place and keeping people safe.”

A Derby Hunt Sabs spokesperson added: “We are opposed to the shooting of animals for sport, both because of our moral objection to killing for sport and because of the unnecessary suffering and collateral damage to wildlife and the environment that is caused by commercial shooting.

“In their bid to have as many grouse as possible shot for sport and profit, gamekeepers wage a war of persecution on animals that predate them.”

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