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Naomi Gives Fur Protestors Middle Finger

Super model Naomi Campbell dismissed animal rights activists with a middle finger gesture.

She left the activists knowing exactly what she thought of them when they ambushed in New York.

Campbell, 47, was attending the opening of the New York Dolce & Gabbana store when anti-fur protestors pounced.

An onlooker said she stuck her middle finger up as activists screamed at her over her outfit choice.

They were also holding up signs reading: “Dolce & Gabbana have blood on their hands.”

One eyewitness said: “When Naomi Campbell walked in, she gave them the middle finger.”

A spokesman for the model later revealed she was angry because the protestors were “screaming” at her and she wasn’t even wearing fur.

He said: “She wasn’t wearing fur and the protesters were screaming at her and heckling everyone.”

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