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She’s Gone Bananas…

A vegan blogger who eats 50 bananas a day says meat eaters don’t deserve to live.

The sensational claim of YouTube vegan blogger Leanne Ratclioffe, also known as “Freelee the Banana Girl,” said people must adopt a vegan diet whether they like it or not.

Ratclioffe from Adelaide, South Australia, said: “You just got to step the f*** up or you really don’t deserve to live on this planet.

“You shouldn’t have a choice. You should absolutely be forced to be vegan. The situation the planet is in – we cannot wait for you to get your f*****g s*** together. We cannot wait. The animals cannot wait.”

The social media diet blogger, who claims to have more than 370,000 vegan followers says she eats 50 bananas a day in a bid to avoid meat.

But she was branded “bananas” on social media.

Kenobi58 said: “You need to make yourself a Ham sandwich and shut the f*** up.”

But Ratclioffe has even targeted her own family.

She said: “I love my family very much, but we are in this situation where drastic change needs to happen and people aren’t taking it f*****g seriously enough.”


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