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“Talking Cow” Tells PETA She Doesn’t Need Saving

A farm girl has claimed that if her favorite cow could talk she would tell activists they are wrong about animal cruelty. Lauren Siemers ,16, whose family runs a 2,500-head farm in Northeast Wisconsin, said her favorite animal is happy.

Lauren spoke out with a Facebook post after being bombarded online with messages from activists who said she only cared about profit. She said: “If my favorite girl in the barn could talk, I’m confident that she would tell a very different story about the modern-day dairy farmer than a member of PETA would.

“She would tell you about the talented, hardworking, passionate team of people that care for her each day. She would tell you about the beautiful barn she lives in, with a fan on her when it gets hot. She would tell you about the love that she feels coming from her caretakers when they work with her, and she would tell you that above all else, she is a respected animal who has never felt abuse or negligence in any way.”

The post struck a chord and was reposted more than 1,200 times and scored 2,300 likes.

Many people left positive comments thanking farmers for their work. Siemers said she was shocked when she saw just how much of an impact her post had on people.

She even described the moment as “completely surreal.” She added: “I wanted to write a post that could reach more people instead of just that one individual. I knew that many of my Facebook friends are food insecure or feel that animal agriculture is inhumane. I hope this post has helped consumers feel more confident in their food choices while simultaneously bringing awareness to the state of the industry…. Never, ever stop sharing your story!”


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