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Abuse of star power backfires

A singer and animal lover tried to use her star power to get another famous celeb booted off a TV show.

Eurovision winner Linda Martin called on showbiz kingpin Simon Cowell to axe former footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones from the UK hit show The X Factor because he likes hunting. 

The 1992 Eurovision winner from Northern Ireland claimed  Jones is a “thug” over his hunting activities and said she was horrified to see him on the family talent show.

But the singer’s rant backfired when the former footballer, who openly admits he likes helping farmers rid their land of vermin, won the hearts of the nation by singing solo on the show just three months after losing his wife to cancer.

Linda told how she had contacted pal and X Factor judge Louis Walsh over her objections to having Jones on the show and called on all animal lovers to boycott the show until Jones was removed.

She said: “It hurts me so much that a person like Vinnie is involved in a family show like X Factor. He needs to be thrown off immediately.”

Linda said she was in the process of making contact with UK animal rights groups to widen her X Factor ban bid but her first call was to Simon Cowell himself.

Jones has previously said: “If a farmer has a fox problem I love going out and dealing with it for him.”

Martin’s pleas fell on deaf ears and Jones is still on the show.

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