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Alma the Asthmatic Cat

AN asthmatic cat called Alma has got her own inhaler.

The loveable two-year-old moggy was diagnosed with asthma after a bout of flu caused lung damage.

Now medics have made a mask for her feline face, which does the job and helps her breath.

Sick Alma was found abandoned on the streets of London and taken to the Mayhew Animal Home for treatment.

Veterinarian Dr. Emma Robinson said: “We discovered that Alma had scarring on her lungs, the legacy of a particularly nasty bout of cat flu that she was suffering from when rescued.

“This caused her persistent bouts of coughing and we later diagnosed her with feline asthma.”

Cats with feline asthma experience persistent and recurring inflammation of the small airways within their lungs making it difficult to breath.

Alma had to be taught to use an inhaler and trained to breathe in through the nozzle.

Now staff at the charitable shelter have found Alma a new home.

Owner Alice Hudson said: “I’d never met a cat with asthma before.”

“I didn’t even know a cat could get asthma, let alone use an inhaler like a pro.

“When she first came to live with me, she took an inhaler twice a day.

“Helpful staff at Mayhew were able to show me how to administer it, and I was surprised at how well trained and co-operative she was.”

Alma may be asthmatic but now leads a perfectly healthy and normal life.

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