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Fans accuse Moby of “losing plot” over animal rights tats

POP star Moby has been slammed for having giant animal rights tattoos inked on his arms.

The vegan singer, 54, whose real name is Richard Melville Hall, posted pictures on Instagram of the artwork covering both his arms.

The word “animal” is inked on his right arm from his hand to his bicep and on the left arm the word “rights” appears.

A further tattoo reading “Vegan for life” could be seen on his neck.

But some Instagram users were not impressed.

“You’ve lost the plot,” one angry follower typed.

“Goddamnit Moby, this is why people don’t like vegans,” blasted another.

While a further noted that vegetarianism can lead to animal deaths regardless, writing: “You guys know more animals are shot and poisoned to protect vegetables. “The more vegetarians the more animal death. Literally more animals die then cows do for vegetarians.”

Moby said: “I thought it was time to fill my arm tattoos.” 

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