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Flash Gordon Star Brian Blessed Zapped by Farmers

LARGER than life actor Brian Blessed bit off more than he chew when he clashed with UK farmers.

The star, who rose to fame as a hawk man in the hit 1980 film Flash Gordon, made a quick exit when his animal rights message was booed by a large gathering.

Blessed, 81, reportedly launched an expletive-laden rant when he said he would ban the UK badger cull, which is aimed at wiping out bovine TB.

The Shakespearean actor was dressed up as a Tudor King to address 200 farmers at a dinner in Coventry.

But those present said he started swearing and “flounced out” when he was booed over his views.

One of the guests asked him the outspoken animal rights activist what law he would enact if he was monarch.

When he answered that he would ban badger culling, some of the farmers present began booing the star with one swearing at him.

In response, Mr Blessed is reported to have replied: “You’re all c****, I hope you all die of TB.”

One guest said : “It was after dinner and the booze had been flowing.

“Brian used the C word before flouncing out. His views on animal welfare are well known and he wasn’t going to back down even in a room full of farmers. But a few there have said it was worth the price of the ticket just to see Brian go off on one.”

The star’s agent Stephen Gittins said his client is well known for his support of badgers and his opposition to culling.

Mr Gittins said one audience member was being “verbally aggressive.”

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