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Fur Hotline Red Hot with Complaints about Activists

Callers have been flooding a hotline with complaints about animal rights activists, the fur industry has revealed.

Fur wearers from all over France are calling in to get legal and moral support after the French Fur Federation launched a new phone number for people who have been insulted or attacked for wearing fur.

A new information centre in Paris and a hotline “SOS Animal Activist Attacks” is now offering help for anyone who has ever had a confrontation with animal rights activists.

A spokesperson for the FFF said: “Every week fur lovers are attacked in the street verbally or physically by radical militants.

“At the moment activists are attacking fur, but it will soon be silk, wool and leather.”

The FFF also warned of the environmental dangers of animal rights groups promoting synthetic materials.

Fake fur is made from non-biodegradable substances and is often derived from petrol, which benefits the petrochemical industry, the federation claimed.

It added: “People don’t know much about the fur trade. “Ninety per cent of our members use suppliers certified by the WelFur label for minks and foxes farmed in Europe.”

The French fur industry is growing with a turnover of 300 million euros and employs nearly 2,500 people.

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