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Greyhound supporters win by a nose!

AN anti-greyhound racing protest backfired when dog racing supporters staged their own counter-protest.

The Lush cosmetics group had welcomed protestors from the animal rights group C.A.G.E.D to its new store in the Queensgate shopping centre Peterborough UK.

But a counter protest rapidly drowned out their placard protest against racing at the Greyhound Stadium in Fengate. 

Dog racing supporters and the stadium’s dog racing mascot Rocket the Hare offered complimentary entry vouchers to races to shoppers – many of which were accepted.

Richard Perkins, chief executive of Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, said: “We were made aware of the anti-greyhound sign by some of our customers so thought it would be fun to hold a counter-protest by sending our mascot, Rocket the Hare, plus other staff, to engage with Queensgate customers too and hand out complimentary entry vouchers!”

A spokesperson for Lush, which supports animal rights, added: “Lush has a long history of supporting animal protection organisations, of which some campaign against the greyhound racing industry.

“The feedback to the event has mostly been very positive apart from a few comments on social media and three people outside our shop handing out flyers to promote the race on Saturday and trying to block people from entering.”

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