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Killjoy Downton Star Wants to Ban Winter Wonderland Events for Kids

A Downton Abbey star wants to ban Christmas Winter Wonderland events for kids.

Actor Peter Egan, who played the Marquess of Flintshire in the hit period drama, says the events are cruel to reindeer and camels.

He said: “Reindeer and camels deserve compassion and respect. I believe animals are forced to perform in the most terrifying and distressing situations.”

But Steve Swinnerton, who has one of the largest working reindeer herds in England, hit back and said animals love interacting with humans.

He said: “Reindeer have been pulling sleighs for about a thousand years. It’s not cruel. They’re used to humans.”

Egan has described himself as an animal rights activist and has previously refused to be filmed with meat on his plate or using a gun in the worldwide hit TV show.

Millions of kids around the world enjoy winter wonderland shows, parades and markets in the build up to Christmas.

The actor is supported by PETA and the RSPCA, which have teamed up with other celebrities to ban the events.

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