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No, Animals Don’t Have the Same Rights as Humans

Do animals have same rights as humans?

The answer seemed pretty obvious to me before I stumbled upon PETA’s Person of the Year press release.

It’s safe to say that PETA took its PR strategy to a whole new level, awarding its annual “Person of the Year” distinction to a monkey.

Let me quote a paragraph from PETA’s infamous press release: “We’re pleased to announce that this year’s honoree is Naruto, a crested black macaque and the creator of the famous “monkey selfie.”

“When he picked up the camera and—without the aid of the camera’s owner—took several photos of himself making different faces, he created pictures that showed a sentient individual capable of rational thought, learning, planning, and emotion.”

Sounds patronizing, but following PETA’s argument, monkeys should also be allowed to vote, serve in the armed forces, own property and hold public office. All because they apparently have the same rights as humans.

Now think of Harambe, a 17-year-old silverback gorilla, who became famous after a boy slipped through a fence at the Cincinnati Zoo and landed in the moat along the animal’s habitat.

The gorilla had to be shot to protect the safety of the child, but not everyone was happy about it. Shortly after the accident animal rights activists started a petition calling for a criminal investigation. They claimed gorilla’s life was as important as the boy’s life.

Personally, I can’t justify it. I love animals, but I strongly oppose madcap animal rights.

Over the years, I’ve had a good opportunity to get to know the real faces of animal rights activists- people who claim animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment…

For example, Jerry Vlasak.

Vlasak is an American animal rights activist and a heart surgeon who has been once quoted as advocating the killing of scientists.

Vlasak reportedly said: “I don’t think that you’d have to kill too many animal researchers. I think that with five lives, ten lives, 15 human lives, we could save a million, two million, ten million non-human lives. If something bad happens to these people it will discourage others.”

It is clear that Vlasak, and others like him, draw no distinction between the rights of human beings and the rights of animals.

I still struggle to understand how he and like-minded people have persuaded themselves not just that animals have some rights, but that they have equal rights with human beings.

It now makes more sense to me why according to their view of things, it is therefore necessary to do everything in their power not only to stop animal “exploitation” but to terrorize and even to kill those who are responsible for it.

Now let’s look at the other side of an argument. Animals also kills animals and it’s called a natural circle of life. Who would animal rights activists blame in this instance—a “murderer” or a “victim”?

Most activists would probably say that a cat lacks a moral sense, which is one of the reasons why we shouldn’t attribute it human rights and duties. But there will also be so-called extremists who would say that humans and cats and mice all have same rights.

Perhaps some might even say that a cat should be sent to prison or given on-the-spot fines. Let’s call it the absurdity of animal rights movement.

To equate laboratories with concentration camps, and rodents with dying Jews, is a piece of extreme madness.

Perhaps a murder is not far away. Scientists kill animals, so I guess it is all right for animal rights activists to kill scientists.

This is the dreadful moral equivalence of the extremists, to which there is only one reply.

However much we may love animals, human life is definitely more precious.

Animals do not have same rights as humans.

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