Animal Rights

Picture Agencies put Animal Welfare First

THE world’s top photographic agencies have drawn up a code of practice for the care of primates in the media.

The “animal respect” charter is designed to end harmful treatment of apes for picture purposes in print, online, movies and TV.

Images or videos of primates in unnatural situations will no longer be accepted. Inappropriate images stored in archives will also no longer be made available to media buyers.

Photographic agencies Alamy, Dreamstime, Pond5, Shutterstock and Getty Images have all signed up to the new code of practice.

Media image buyers will longer be able to obtain pictures featuring primates apparently smiling—often a side they are under duress—or behaving unnaturally or dressed in clothing.

Some agencies will continue to offer restricted images of primates but only for editorial purposes and not commercial use.

Dreamstime CEO Serban Enache said: “There are plenty of images of animals behaving normally in natural settings that humans can empathize with.”

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