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Pizza Express punch-up

A vegan activist got more than she bargained for when she was punched in the face when she stormed a pizza restaurant and started chanting slogans about animal cruelty.

Diners at the Pizza Express restaurant in Brighton, UK, said later they were frightened as a mob from the notorious Direct Action Everywhere group flooded into the eatery.

They were carrying pictures of animals which said “I want to live” and chanting through a loudspeaker “It’s not food, it’s violence” and “Not your mum, not your milk”.

But one male diner got up and shouted back: “You’re scaring these people.”  

He then pushed the woman and when she turned to confront him he punched her. 

The man was held back by other diners and staff as the protest continued.

But after the clash the demo fizzled out and the group left chanting: “What do we want Animal liberation. When do we want it Now.”

While the restaurant protest was taking place other Direct Action Everywhere protestors caused further chaos by chaining themselves to railings outside the nearby Brighton Town Hall.

A spokesperson for DxE Brighton, who posted a video on their Facebook page said: “We must stand together against speciesism, but some are not ready to hear our message of equality and justice.

“Today, whilst bringing this message to diners at the chain restaurant, we were violently attacked. 

“It is not surprising that those consuming violence are quick to partake in it too.”

Speciesism is a belief that humans are superior and have greater moral rights than animals.

Brighton has seen a number of protests in restaurants led by the group which has seen members charged with public order offences.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Incidents involving animal rights activists at several restaurants in Brighton on Sunday evening, in which protesters with loud hailers chanted slogans at diners, have been reported to police.

“It was alleged that at one establishment a protester was punched by a customer and at another activists were thrown to the ground.

“Several activists chained themselves to the exterior of Brighton town hall.

“Currently no arrests have been made but if criminal acts are found to have taken place, appropriate action will be taken.”

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