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Vegans object to vegan sandwich

ANGRY vegans have claimed a new carrot, lettuce and tomato sandwich takes the Micky out of their lifestyle.

They got the hump when UK supermarket Morrisons launched the new CLT – a carrot, lettuce and tomato – as a vegan alternative to a BLT – a bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Instead of being pleased that the supermarket was making an effort to respond to their needs vegans  said they were being victimised.

Vegan, Stevie Shepherd, said: “Not to sound ungrateful but a salad sandwich? 

“No wonder everyone asks where we get our protein.”

Fellow vegan Erin Caroline added: “This is such a let down. “Why can’t they make a hearty, delicious, on the go sandwich?

“Apparently no vegans work for them, or there were no public surveys done with vegans, as I guarantee this would not have been suggested.”

But a woman named only as Isabella said  she liked the sandwich.

She said: “Had this yesterday. Please don’t knock it before you try it.”

“The carrot does actually taste like bacon because of how it’s smoked and it’s absolutely delicious.”

A spokeswoman for the supermarket said they were pleased to be able to do more to cater for vegans.

She said: “Morrisons has launched the carrot, lettuce and tomato sandwich for those looking for a twist on the classic BLT. 

“It also includes tomatoes, lettuce and vegan mayo, all sandwiched between malted bread.”

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