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Woman Drinks Beer from Dead Fish

BIZARRE footage has emerged online of a woman drinking beer from a dead fish.

The viral clip on YouTube shows the woman glugging the ale from a dead salmon as part of dare during a fishing trip off the coast of the USA.

Aimee Lynn from Wisconsin, USA, said: “That was awful. If you watch the video you can see that they lifted the fish too much, the fish’s mouth almost got stuck in my throat and I felt like I was drowning.

“I was trying to breathe and not laugh at the same time, so it was horrible to drink all the beer ”

After she posted the clip on Facebook it racked up more than 3.5 million hits and thousands of shares.

But some people were not impressed.

One comment read: “How dare you do this to that poor fish.”

Another added: “You are disgusting.”

And a third claimed: “This almost made me be sick.”

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