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Animal Rights Group Told to “Belt Up” in Pet Safety Row

Animal rights activists are risking the lives of domestic pets by urging drivers not to secure their animals with seat belts.

They claim the restraints are uncomfortable but pet owners told them the alternative in the event of a crash is far worse.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New Zealand has objected to the Rocketeer harness made by ZuGoPet in the US.

The group’s head vet Jessica Beer said pooches became stressed when strapped in tight.

She said: “It’s not comfortable for the dog, it’s not safe for the dog and you’ll probably find that they’ll be panicking. They have different body shapes, they would be quite stressed by using it.”

But one pet owner said online: “Is she serious? Who does like being strapped in? Sure, it is uncomfortable but it is better than being squished.”

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