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Covid-19 could lead to more dogs being put down

THE coronavirus outbreak may lead to an increase in the number of dogs being put down, officials have warned.

New York city chiefs said social distancing meant fewer dogs will be successfully adopted meaning  more will have to euthanised. 

Katy Hansen, spokesperson for the Animal Care Centres of New York, which manages shelters in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island, said: “We are trying everything we can to ensure there is no increase in euthanasia.” 

The rate of pet euthanasia has fallen by more than 75 percent over the last 10 years in New York but it is feared levels will rise dramatically during the coronavirus outbreak.

Many rescue shelters still euthanise animals for reasons of capacity, or if the animal is sick or dangerous.

Some shelters do have no-kill policies but that too can cause suffering to animals.

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