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Bundle of Fur was Sick Dog Fighting for Life

AN elderly blind dog dumped and left to die inside a cardboard box has been saved. Halle, who looked like a bundle of discarded fur, was found by Meghan Lynch, a volunteer worker with an animal shelter.

When Megan lifted the lid on the box she realized the pile of dirty fur was actually a dog who was struggling to breath and fighting for her life.

Beneath Halle was a note that read: “Hello — found this poor thing at a cleaning job!  No idea what to do — thought maybe you would know.”

Meghan, who found Halle outside the Associated Humane Society shelter in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, was arriving for her shift when she saw a small closed box sitting at the end of the road.

Kim Tambora, marketing office coordinator for Associated Humane, said: “The dog was gasping for air, covered in her own feces, urine and mats. Obviously she hadn’t been groomed in years—it takes a long time to get like that.”

The poorly animal turned out to be an apricot poodle mix who staff later named Halle.

She is thought to be about 10 years old and was given a shave and a veterinary checkup. She had chronic cataracts that left her completely blind – but she doesn’t let it hold her back.

The shelter staff believe the note was written by an embarrassed owner, not brave enough to bring the dog into the shelter. They are now trying to find her a permanent home.


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