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Cat has Nine Lives—and Six Paws

An animal welfare charity is raising funds to help a kitten with six paws have life-changing surgery.

The two-month-old kitten called Henrietta was born with twisted leg syndrome leaving her with two extra paws on her hind legs.

Vets discovered the condition after her heavily pregnant mother was handed in to the charity Feline Friends. Henrietta is also a ginger—highly unusual for a female cat.

Now the charity based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK, has launched a £1,000 appeal for her to have the surgery.

A charity spokesperson said: “Apart from having six legs, Henrietta is a lovely healthy kitten who loves to play with her litter mates. She can jump, climb, use her litter tray and, once she has had her surgery, will be wanting to find her forever home.”

“Because she had the twisted leg syndrome, she had to be handled from day one. She’s super-friendly, she loves people, she loves playing. She’s an absolutely gorgeous kitten. There’s nothing else wrong with her apart from having these little extra legs growing at the back.”

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