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Doris Gets Her Legs Back

A dog badly injured by a speeding car is learning how to walk again.

Doris the stray dog was crippled after being left for dead by a motorist in Thailand. Passersby rescued the stricken animal and took her to the World Veterinary Service’s Training Centre in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

The slow recovery of the animal captured the imagination of the country as she battled back to health. The veterinary team worked round the clock to keep Doris free from pain and to reduce the swelling around her spinal cord.

On her way to recovery, she needed a tailor-made cast to ensure her body remained perfectly still as well as regular massages to exercise her legs to restore muscles strength.

The dog was later placed in a customized wheelchair, which allowed her to stand up and slowly regain control of her hind legs.

Now Doris is enjoying walks with other dogs at the shelter. She is expected to make a full recovery and it is hoped she will then be adopted.

Doris’s primary caregiver, a volunteer known as Ms. T., said: “Seeing Doris recover to the point where she is walking again gives me joy beyond words. From a shy and withdrawn dog that couldn’t use her back legs to the confident, tail wagging and happy girl we see today, Doris has made incredible progress and is now set to be adopted. The love and care shown by the WVS team was reflected back in the most beautiful way imaginable by Doris.”

Ian Clarke, WVS Thailand director of operations, said: “Doris is a classic example of the amazing resilience and determination shown by many of Thailand’s forgotten street dogs.

“She has entered the hearts of all of the staff and volunteers here at WVS Thailand and has done so well to get to where she is today.”

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