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Happy Ending for Grizzy the Border Terrier

THIS is the emotional moment a tearful woman is reunited with her pet dog after it went missing for three days.

Grizzy the Border Terrier was finally found tangled up in his lead and tethered to a tree.

He had been on a walk in Richmond Park, London, with owner, Katherine Evans, 33, when he escaped from her grip and ran off with his lead still attached.

As the days passed by, Katherine feared that she would never see her eight-year-old pal again.

But when she arrived at the park on the third day of searching she was amazed to find a crowd of Border Terrier owners who heard about Grizzy and wanted to help find him.

The owners joined the search and eventually found Grizzy—who had survived 64 hours without food or water after becoming tangled in his leash around the tree.

Heart-warming footage shows Grizzy leaping into Katherine’s arms after he is discovered.

Katherine, from Richmond upon Thames, London, said: “It’s been such a roller-coaster of emotions. I was grieving massively – we all were. Grizzy’s quite the survivor, quite the hero. It’s unbelievable. I’m overwhelmed. It’s a miracle – I still can’t believe it.”

Katherine, a music teacher, said Grizzy is a rescue dog and still has a strong hunting instinct which is why he was able to escape her grip.

She added: “Grizzy’s a rescue dog and he can’t really go off the lead. I tried to train him but he’s a terrier so he’s got a strong hunting instinct.

“Unfortunately he pulled really hard and the lead fell out of the hand.

“I ran after him for 200 metres but he was gone.

“I was beside myself.

“We thought he’d been killed by deer.

‘We were trying our best to stay positive but I’d given up.

“Then I thought I heard Grizzy’s bark.

“I was running with tears in my eyes. I thought I’d never see him again.

“Ten metres in the distance there was a tree and Grizzy was there jumping up and down.

“His lead had become tied around the tree.

“Maybe he’d chased a squirrel and got wrapped round the tree.

“He was really thirsty and hungry, but amazingly, he was unscathed. He wasn’t hurt.

“He just seemed really excited to see us. I think he was a bit shell shocked.

“He’s settling back in at home now. He’s doing pretty well. He’ll be having so many cuddles now.”

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