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Heroic Poodle Gives Life Defending Family from Bear Attack

A toy poodle called Pickle took on a 200-lb. bear to protect its owners. The incredible act of bravery cost the 5-lb. family pet its life after the bear entered the remote family home.

Brave Pickle yapped at the beast and distracted him from his owner and her children but was viciously mauled.

But its selfless act bought enough time for married mother-of-two Tiffany Merrill to escape with her children.

The incident happened at the family home in Black Mountain, North Carolina when the animal wandered into the house after Tiffany opened the front door to let Pickle, a black poodle, go for his morning walk.

The bear was at the door and lumbered in and tried to attack Tiffany who retreated across the room and screamed for her kids to stay in the rooms.

But Pickle, who had been the family pet for four years, came to the rescue.

Tiffany said: “I would say he was about 200 pounds, very aggressive and not scared at all. I have kids on each side of the house.  I didn’t want to run into the bedroom where my daughter was and have the bear chase me in there, so I darted behind the couch and it jumped up on the couch.

“I actually pictured myself laying on the floor dead and after he killed me the bear was going to kill my kids. That’s what I thought because it was charging after me but then my dog showed up and he saved me. Pickle distracted the bear and the pair both went outside during the melee.”

But Pickle was no match for the bear which made off after viciously wounding the tiny dog.

Merrill was able to get him back in and rushed him to the vet, but her beloved poodle didn’t survive.

She added: “I just can’t believe this happened. He just made our lives so much better. My hero died saving me from a bear that came in my house. We lost a big part of our family.”

The bear is still on the loose.

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