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Homesick Swan Returned to Loving Owner

THE RSPCA has returned a baby swan to a man who reared it because it missed him.

Sidney the cygnet could not bear to be separated from builder Rob Adamson, 39, who found with him two large wounds to its neck from an animal attack.

Mr. Adamson took the bird into his home, a narrowboat at Jones Boatyard in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK, and fed him special swan food and green peas.

Sidney struck up a friendship with Sophie, the marina’s resident Chihuahua, and became firmly settled in his new home, accompanying Mr Adamson to the shops, the pub and on kayaking trips and even sharing his bed.

Mr. Adamson, who would go out with the cygnet concealed inside his jacket, said it was like looking after a puppy.

As Sidney grew stronger and able to feed himself, Mr. Adamson took him to East Winch RSPCA wildlife center in Norfolk so that he could be in his natural habitat with other swans.

Mr. Adamson didn’t expect to see him again but three months later the RSPCA contacted him asking him to take the swan back.

Mr. Adamson said: “When cygnets are away from their parents they can become really distressed. He tried to adapt to being a swan while he was away but he just wanted to be back on the boat.”

“I think he must have been too used to his home comforts. It was just magical seeing him back in the boatyard, it means everything to me considering all that we have been through.”

“It was just the perfect end to our story. I had a little box next to my bed that he is meant to sleep in but he wouldn’t have any of that. He is not happy unless he is cuddling up to me and then he can fall asleep straight away. If it’s a bit chilly then he will curl up in my jacket.”

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