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Lobsters get High on “Sea Weed”

A restaurant has started sedating its lobsters with marijuana to ease the pain of cooking them alive.

Charlotte Gill, an animal rights supporter and restaurant owner, decided to give them pot before putting them in the pot so that the creatures could “go out on a high.” A lobster named Roscoe was placed in a container at her restaurant with an inch of water in the base and marijuana smoke was blown in.

Now Ms. Gill has set up a separate station at Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound, in Maine, where lobsters are given pot before they are put inside one. But scientists believe lobsters do not feel pain and say it is difficult to tell if they get stoned.

Ms. Gill said that the heat at which her lobsters were boiled and steamed ensured that diners would not get high. Her father, 82, had eaten one of her lobsters and then passed a drugs test.

Roscoe, the world’s first pot-smoking lobster, was released into the sea in recognition of his services to culinary science.

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