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Loveable Labrador Stops Match

A black Labrador stopped a professional football match by bounding onto the field and demanding a belly rub from a goalkeeper.

The adorable moment the playful dog invades the game was captured on video and the crowd can be heard enjoying every second.

The clip shows the happy black dog running onto the pitch in Georgia.

At first, the dog runs around the field while wagging its tail and appears to be ready to play catch with the ball. But the players stop their game and look bemused at the fun-loving animal.

The dog hops around and looks confused when no one wants to play with it.

Players begin to run towards the dog to try and catch it—but it thinks it is a game and happily bounds away from them.

A goalie in a yellow stripe reaches out his hand to try and give the dog a friendly pat. But the Labrador rolls over onto its back for a belly rub and playfully kicks it legs.

The commentators can be heard laughing along.

A medic comes over and, with some help, tries to lift the dog away by its feet – but the dog is not having any of it and manages to break free.

Eventually, after some persuading, the dog is retrieved and taken off the pitch.

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