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Loyal Princess and Scooby in Hospital Vigil

Two dogs slept outside a hospital for weeks until they could visit a beloved friend.

The animals had chosen to sleep near the entrance to the Hospital Agudo in Agudo, Brazil. The dogs stayed outside the facility for two weeks spending their days and nights by the entrance door. It later turned out that one of the dogs belonged to a patient who had been admitted on the day of the dog’s arrival.

The hospital staff also learned that the dog’s names were Princess and Scooby and decided to grant them permission to finally see the patient.

After a vet visit and grooming session the two loyal dogs were carried through hospital corridors for the long-awaited reunion.

A hospital spokesperson said: “When the dogs arrived in his room the patient began to breathe excitedly.

“The dogs climbed on the bed, and we put his hand on Princess.  And there she laid and stayed. It will surely be reflected in the patient’s recovery and will soothe the distressed heart of the dogs who were missing him so much.”

“All of us on the staff of the Agudo Hospital Association are rooting for the recovery of our patient and that he returns home soon so that Princess and her friend can alleviate their longing.”

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