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Miracle dog survives 100-foot cliff plunge

A survived a 100-foot plunge off the edge of a cliff by landing on a ledge.

Four-year-old terrier Archie ran over the the cliff edge at Watcombe Bay on the Isle of Wight, UK while being walked.

Archie’s distraught owner, Mr Knoakes, who was on holiday on the Isle of Wight, called the emergency services, and the local coastguard were deployed to search for the dog.

As the crew from the Freshwater Independent Lifeboat approached the cliff they spotted Archie perched high above the waves on a ledge. 

Concerned that he was injured, the crew beached their lifeboat and lifted Archie to safety completely unharmed.

Rich Barton-Wood, from the Freshwater Independent Lifeboat crew, said: “It’s astonishing. “It’s about 100ft high and there’s no access by foot so the only way in is by boat, so the lifeboat went in.

“Archie was completely fine, not bothered in the slightest. I hope he won’t do that again!”

Archie was reunited with his owner at the Lifeboat Boathouse, where a local vet said he showed “no sign of trauma” and released the pup to get back to the rest of his holiday.

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