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Off the Grid!

TWO frisky hedgehogs had a narrow escape when they fell through a cattle grid in the heat of passion. The rampant duo were stranded until they were sniffed out by a passing dog who alerted its owner.

The RSPCA dashed to the scene in Warwickshire, UK, and Inspector Nicky Foster then called in the Fire Brigade who bent back the heavy grid bars free the mating couple.

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service area commander Dave Pemberton said: “We’ve got lots of experience rescuing animals, but I think that it’s a first to be asked to rescue a hedgehog. We are always happy to assist the RSPCA when we can and were glad that we were able to use our specialist cutting equipment to bring them to safety.”
Insp Nick Foster added: “On this occasion, the woman wasn’t able to reach the hedgehogs and was concerned they wouldn’t be able to climb out themselves so she called us.

“The gaps between the metal grid bars were too small for me to pull the hedgehogs free so I contacted Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service who were able to use their specialist equipment to bend the bars so I could pluck them to safety.

“We gave them both some food and water and checked them over. Luckily, they hadn’t been injured and thanks to the lady’s quick-thinking weren’t stuck for too long so we were able to release them into the bushes there and then.”

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