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Paw Print, Please?

POST office officials demanded a woman prove the identity of her dog by asking for a paw print.

Marie Palmgren who lives in Sweden was asked for the print because a long distance parcel was addressed to her pet dog Chaya and not her.

Officials were insistent the parcel had to be signed for by the intended recipient of the parcel and not its owner.

Ms. Palmgren said: “I told them that the person who sent the package wrote Chaya Palmgren, instead of Marie Palmgren, just for fun…and that Chaya was a dog. They still demanded an ID and a signature from Chaya, plus ID and signature from me as the ‘helper.’

“They told me they wanted her paw print on the notice, next to my signature. So I took Chaya’s paw, put it on the pad and then on the notice.”

After the notice was signed by Chaya and Ms Palmgren were given the package – a new water fountain toy.

Mr Palmgren added: “Now, you might be thinking this was all some comical charade on the part of the post office employees. The staff was very serious all the time. It wasn’t like a funny thing for them Me? I was totally flabbergasted. When I reached the car, I laughed so much that I got a pain in my stomach.”

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