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Pit Bull Saves Six-year-old Boy

An adopted pit bull named Yeti is being hailed a hero after he rescued of a drowning boy.

The Lennox family were enjoying a day out at Wet Beaver Creek in Arizona when six-year-old Fallon fell into a river.

Yeti reacted immediately by jumping in after the child who was being swept away in the current.

The brave dog used his body to shield Fallon from the rough water and pushed him towards rescuers and safety.

Thomas Lennox, Fallon’s father said: “It was too cold, they weren’t supposed to be swimming, and Fallon fell in the river and got swept down the river toward the little falls.

“All the adults were running to him and couldn’t get to him.

“The dog literally pushed him to the person that was closest. “He’s Fallon’s best friend.”

The family thanked Yeti by feeding him a hamburger and a sausage for dinner.

The Lennox family adopted the one-year-old pit bull mix just three weeks prior the incident from the Verde Valley Humane Society.

They named him Yeti as he’s big, white, and was adopted on a snowy day.

Already weighing 86 pounds at the age of one, the family were concerned Yeti might be too big for their household —but now they will be forever grateful to their new best friend for saving Fallon’s life.

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