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Smart Dog

A clever pooch was spotted using a zebra crossing to walk across the road.

The footage taken captured the dog waiting patiently by a zebra crossing until the road becomes clear and it crosses safely.

The video shows two drivers simply ignoring the pup, before a driver of a white van stops to let the animal get across the road.

The dog took a couple of steps before making sure to check the other lane of oncoming traffic before stepping out.

He then proceeded to walk over the zebra crossing, remaining very cautious and aware of his surroundings.

Social media users from all over the world were quick to praise the dog.

User Agafa from Fort Collins, US, said: “Good dog and smart dog.”

B2W from Manchester, UK, said: “I hope the dog walks home, not safe out there…”

The identification of the man who took the footage is not yet known.


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