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The Cat that Needs a Hug

A cat called Bijou won’t let the postman leave until he gives her a hug.

Postman Mike McEuen has told how the ageing cat is the most loving animal he has ever met. The US mailman from McKinleyville, California, said Bijou makes a B-line for him every time he delivers.

He said: “There are a few dogs on my routes that I really love seeing, and a couple that seem to know the sound of my truck’s door sliding open. But Bijou is the only cat I have on my routes that seems to make it a point to visit every time I am there. For the first few years, she would wander out to the mailbox when she heard me getting out of the truck.

“She is always there. I learned right away that I couldn’t just shoo her out of the truck.  She would hold her ground and gently protest until I pick her up and give her a few pets and squeezes. Once that is taken care of, she’s happy to head back to her house until I see her next time.”

McEuen met Bijou four years ago when he started a new route.

Though the elderly cat, who has one milky eye and a crooked half-tail, seemed tough, she had a reputation among other postmen as the ultimate sweetheart.

McEuen added: “The first time I met her, my first impression was that she was a super old, sweet kitty that looks to have been through it all. A bit rough around the edges but nice as can be. I told the regular carrier on the route about it and he told me, ‘Yeah, that’s Bijou. She’s the best!’

“I like to think Bijou looks forward to the mailmen showing up as much as we look forward to being greeted by her!”

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