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The Usain Bolt of Pugs

A German pug called Emma has won dog race against 70 other animals of the same breed for the third time running. Described as the “Usain Bolt of pugs,” the dog easily won the 50m race in Berlin in 5.8 seconds.

The international pug races attracted over 200 dogs, despite the breed not being known for its athleticism or physical prowess.

Animal rights activists have tried to ban it claiming that selective breeding leaves the dogs with arthritis, shortness of breath and meningitis.

Owners are allowed to run in front of their pets, using treats and chew toys to encourage them.

Angela Kaiser, Emma’s proud owner, said her victory showed that contrary to their public image, pugs are agile animals.

Emma, who is four and a half, was given a big blue pillow with a pug face on it as a reward.  Pugs arrived in Europe from China where they have been bred for 2,000 years from shar pei dogs and were originally intended as the exclusive property of emperors.

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