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You’re the One I Want

AN office worker was adopted by a stray cat after she made obvious she had fallen for him.

Kirill Georgiev from Russia was at work when the stray kitten wandered into the office and jumped into his lap. The feline looked him in the eye and playfully pawed at his chest to get his attention.

She had already decided she was going home with Kirill and had no intention of taking no for an answer.

He said: “She put her paw on my chest and looked into my eyes. That moment I decided, ‘this is the perfect opportunity to finally take care of someone’. She looked at me like, ‘You are my human,’ so I adopted her.”

The cat quickly became a member of Georgiev family. She was given the name Koshka, which is the Russian word for a cat.

Now, a year later, she completely runs the house. Koshka climbs up onto the roof, demands attention and walks all over very important paperwork.

Her new dad says he could not love her more.

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