It’s a Fur-st Offence: PETA Fashion Police Flop

NEW YORKERS mocked PETA activists dressed as police when they tried to issue tickets to people wearing fur.

Passers by were less than amused by the ridiculous fashion police stunt outside New York Fashion Week shows.

The fake fur police carried a sign which read: “Wearing Animal Skins Is A Fashion Felony.”

But pedestrians waved the duo away and made them feel unwelcome.

PETA also got its timing badly wrong: By the time the fashion cops appeared the New York Fashion Week was almost over.

Activists Mary Ann Persad, and Todd Edkins said they had taken a day off from her real job in finance to issue the “fur tickets.”

Persad said: “It’s New York Fashion Week and the fashion police are out.”

“If you’re wearing any kind of animal garment — fur, wool, leather, down — you might get a ticket.”

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