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Candy-ass PETA

PETA has called on the White House to serve up vegan candy at Easter.

The animal rights activists claim vegan kids could miss out at the White House Easter Egg Roll if it doesn’t hand out dairy-free chocolates.

The yearly event, which dates back to 1878, sees adults and children come together on the White House lawns to play various games.

The animal rights group has written to First Lady Melania Trump asking her to include dairy-free treats for kids.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said: “Children have a natural affinity for animals, so they’d be horrified to learn that calves are babies themselves when they’re torn away from their distraught mothers on dairy farms.

“PETA is encouraging Mrs. Trump to show cows and kids a little kindness by handing out sweet nondairy treats at this year’s Easter Egg Roll.”


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