Coffins for Die-hards

DIE-HARD activists are being laid to rest in coffins carrying animal rights slogans. PETA is offering stickers for coffins and urns to help activists take their message to the grave.

The stickers contain slogans like “Lifetime PETA Member,” “I Told You I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in Wool,” and “Dead Meat Should Be Buried, Not Eaten.”

The PETA website boasts: “Whether you’re setting up a cheeky Halloween display or preparing for your own demise, our stickers will send an afterlife-long message about animal rights.”

The animal rights group went into the coffin business in 2008 when it started offering custom-made PETA coffins for $620 to $670.

Its stickers, which it says can be applied to any coffin or urn, range in price from $30 to $75.

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