FC: PETA Mocks Religion

Just a few weeks ago, a celebrity PETA supporter yet again made complete nonsense of himself.

While I’m pretty sure nothing to do with PETA does really shock people anymore, the reasoning behind this particular campaign was a far cry from activists’ usual act of “compassion” to animals.

How many of you would openly mock one’s religion all in the name of animal rights?

Not many. For most of us its morally and ethically wrong, but it seems like one particularly famous PETA supporter, actor James Cromwell, is confident enough to promote the controversial campaign to his 6,600 vegan community on social media.

In the ad, the actor portrays a priest hearing the confession of a meat marketer in the spot titled “Redemption.”

He later tells the man there is no forgiveness for him, just because he works for a livestock industry.

To make things worse the actor posts several additional pictures on popular social media accounts, so fans can follow him on his “attempted revolutionary” journey…

Now, I’m not here to argue whether or not this celebrity is being inappropriate.

It’s his freedom of choice and as long as he acknowledges that his actions might upset many and he is at ease with it, so be it.

Regardless, his decision to star in an offensive PETA Super Bowl campaign actually distracts from the matter at hand.

No matter his intentions, this actor’s antics bring more attention to himself rather than his cause. And it’s not just one person.

Think of other celebrity campaigners. Pamela Anderson, Miley Curys, Evanna Lynch, Alexandra Burke… The list goes on and on.

When anyone acts in such outrageous way, he or she ends up looking ridiculous.

So, it should also come as no surprise, that the average citizen, such as myself, begins to question the star’s sanity, rather than to listen to his or her arguments and views on animal welfare.

Even now, instead of devoting my time to actually saving animals, I am writing this post about PETA’s yet another PR stunt.

Yes, I must admit, it got my attention. Unfortunately, for all wrong reasons.

But I feel this time it’s more about human nature and the way we react to animal rights activists who behave so far outside of societal norms.

We are the ones who support such nonsense. We are the ones throwing money at the name instead of the cause.

When was the last time you’ve helped an animal or donated to a much less known animal welfare institution? This just further proves my point.

If all those PETA celebrities really wanted to advocate animal welfare, trust me, they would have gone about it in a much different way. In silence or at least without so much unnecessary fuss.

For example, celebrities could have hosted an open discussion with both animal rights supporters and fur or livestock professionals.

Instead most animal rights activists are being radical. Even though, they might think that their actions are helping animals, in fact they are doing more harm than good.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and celebrities should be vocal about causes they believe in. All of us have a right to free speech. And we should exercise it.

However, if PETA supporters really want to make a difference, they should reconsider the extreme way they express those opinions. More reasonable approaches will yield more productive responses.

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