Freedom Group Plays PETA at its Own Game

A watchdog group dedicated to protecting consumer freedom has demanded PETA re-name its address to “PETA Kills Avenue.”

The Center for Consumer Freedom said PETA regularly kills rescued animals and re-naming its Front Street address in Norfolk, Virginia, would be more appropriate. The group said it made the extraordinary request to also highlight how PETA is undermining individual freedoms.

PETA has recently demanded the English village of Wool change its name to “Vegan Wool” to avoid offence to sheep and said people should stop using phrases like “bringing home the bacon” to avoid offence to pigs.

Spokesman Will Coggin said: “This is a way to essentially draw attention to a group that is calling itself ‘for the ethical treatment of animals’ but really in practice it’s for unethical treatment of animals.” He pointed to a well-documented case in 2014 when a PETA worker stole and killed a 9-year-old girl’s pet.

There have been other claims PETA has killed thousands of cats and dogs from its shelter because it does not believe animals should be kept as pets. PETA denied the claims and said it was an animal loving organization.

Spokeswoman Catie Cryar said: “PETA continues to invite reporters into the field to see the community service we provide for animals, including those who are neglected, sick, aged, injured, and aggressive, and the invitation stands.”

Mr Coggin added: “We certainly we hope they consider it, localities do have the right to rename streets and frankly, why not?”

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